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What is a domain name?      ^ Top ^

Domain Names:
Domain name addresses, together with IP addresses, are the two forms of Internet addresses in common use. Domain name addresses all end with a correct top-level domain. The top-level domains may be any of these:


There are also these country specific top-level domains: .at, .be, .br.com, .ca, .cc, .cn.com, .cx, .es, .gd, .gs, .im, .in, .co.in, .jpn.com, .kr.com, .la, .ms, .com.mx, .co.nz, .se.com, .tc, .tw, .com.tw, .vg, .ws

A complete domain address adds one or more terms to the left of the top-level domain, separated by dots. The top-level domain at the right is the most general; each term to the left is more specific e.g. "yourname.com", where "yourname" is the chosen name you wish to use.

Where can I get my own domain name?      ^ Top ^

There are many places to register your domain on the internet.  We recommend "Network Solutions" and we will facilitate your domain registration for your company as part of our development package.  Unsure of what you would like to name your domain?  Go to the Network Solutions web site and type in your choice for a domain name to see if it is available.  Once a domain name is chosen contact us to finalize the process.  If still unsure of how to proceed, we will research your options for you.

Your domain name registration cost is $34.99, or less, per year and can be registered from one year to ten years, with discounts for multi-year registrations.

Who owns my domain name?      ^ Top ^

Your domain name, once registered, is your or your company's property forever, just as long as the annual registration payments are kept current.

What is a host?      ^ Top ^

A computer that is attached to a network or the Internet.  Hosts allow users on client machines to connect and share files or transfer information.  Individual users communicate with hosts by using client application programs.  In simple terms, it is the server/computer that all your web pages reside on to be accessed by the general public via their computers and the internet.

Who hosts my web site?      ^ Top ^

That is up to the individual preferences of the web site owner.  There are literally thousands of hosting services to choose from.  We offer web hosting space at prices that won't break the bank.  See next FAQ for details.

How much does web site hosting cost?      ^ Top ^

Pricing varies widely depending on your requirements and a hosting company's fee schedule.  We can currently offer you web hosting at $30.00 a month, for 50mb of web space with unlimited E-mail accounts, web based E-mail access from any computer in the world, unlimited FTP users, password protected folders, one hour of programming services per month, SSL and much more.  If you simply want to build your own web site,  maintain your own web space, upload your own files via FTP and manage your own mail server, then the cost is lower by as much as $10.00 a month depending on your needs.  We do not accept hosting of ANY adult websites, regardless if they are legal or not. Nor do we allow our customers to link to adult websites from their site.

How much will it cost to build my web site?      ^ Top ^

There are so many variables in web site design that an answer to how much is determined by the scope of the needs and options desired.  Please E-mail us to get an estimate on the work or type of site you would like to have created.  Basically, with the $35.00 or less, a year, domain registration fee and your monthly web hosting fees, after your site is built these are your only ongoing expenses.  Less than one dollar a day, with a one hour per month, non-accruing, programming/updating credit included in the hosting/maintenance fee.

How long will it take to build my web site?      ^ Top ^

Ah, the question of questions.  Two to four weeks, is a safe estimate, providing that you are an active participant in the process.  The biggest obstacle webmasters encounter, when trying to create a web site, is client input.  After all, who knows your business better than you do?  Much like going to your printer and asking him/her to create a catalog/brochure for your business, we also need the content to put on your site.  After all, a web site is basically an online catalog/brochure of your business with many more interesting and interactive options.  Also, unlike a brochure, changes are easy and don't require reprinting and redistribution.

Who decides on the design of my web site?      ^ Top ^

You do, after all once finished, it is your web site.  We begin by determining what your needs are, if you have a current brochure or catalog you would like to use as a model, a logo from letterhead or if we simply start from scratch.  From your input we create a design template, color scheme and navigation process for your approval.  Once a design has been agreed upon the content starts to go in, we then post it to our private server for you to see the creative process via the internet as the site is being built.  We believe this is a most important step in the design process as it gives you a real-time view of the work in progress and allows you to give us your input and us to make immediate changes as part of the ongoing development process.

Will my site be listed in the search engines?      ^ Top ^

Yes, as part of the web site creation process, your site will be submitted to all of the major search engines and indexes as well as the minor ones.  This service is included in the base price of your web design package at no additional cost to you.

What if I don't like my web site?      ^ Top ^

By including you in the step by step web creation process, approval is an ongoing process.  You oversee the building of the site as daily updates are being added.  That way if you don't like what you see, you request that changes be made.  You, the client, are in control of what the finished product will be.

How do I get started?      ^ Top ^

That's easy, if you have not done so yet, check for the availability of your desired web site domain name in the Who-Is data base then contact us via E-mail or use our "Feedback Form" with the general requirements and ideas you wish to have for a web site.  We will get right back to you and develop an estimate specific to your needs.

Who owns my web site?      ^ Top ^

You do!  After all, your custom web site would have been built especially for you or your company. Once all of your payment requirements have been met, we transfer/publish the finished web site to your web hosting space and relinquish all rights over to you.

What if I want to make changes after my web site is finished?      ^ Top ^

Once your site has been transferred to your domain's hosting server and published to the world wide web and you wish to update, add to it or make other changes the choice is yours to choose who you wish to make these changes.  We offer maintenance, updating, adding and further web creation services at $30.00 per hour for sites we have built and $40.00 per hour for sites we did not create.  Billed at a one hour minimum per occurrence and 15 minute intervals after the initial hour for HTML, JAVA and graphic design.  Some of our competitors charge from $80.00 to $130.00 per hour for these same services.  Additionally, there is a one hour "programming" credit, per month, for updating your web site when you host with us.

*Simple text and link changes to a web site, created by us, are free for the first 30 days following the official launching and transfer/publishing to your domain's hosting space, the public and you.

Can I use my company's existing logo?      ^ Top ^

Yes, if you have a current logo either on letterhead, brochure or business card that is not available from your printer in digital format we can scan or recreate the logo for your custom web site.

I need a logo, where can I get one made?      ^ Top ^

We offer, in addition to our custom web site design services, graphic design for a one of a kind logo, banner or other desired art work for your company and web site.  These services will be included in the web design package base price, as noted in the contract/proposal agreement.

Why can't I just build my own web site?      ^ Top ^

That is an interesting question. Many people do build their own sites. There are software reviews in almost every PC magazine for web site design and graphic tools. It's so enticing!  Can it be that difficult?

Ultimately, the answer depends on how professional you would like the published site to be, how much money you're inclined to spend, and how long you're prepared to wait.

The best HTML and graphic tools alone will cost you about $1,000.00. You will then either need some training courses on how to use them, and use them together to accomplish the desired outcome, or you need to spend many, many  hours with trial and error. You will also need to study a book on good site design to thwart "beginners" blunders. And don't forget to study how to design pages that look good on any of the different browsers. Finally, don't forget to build a few practice sites... experience is the best teacher!

Four to six months later and thousands of dollars spent and untold hours, you're at long last ready to begin building your own "professional-looking" web site... or are you?  Did you get the book on how search engines scan the content and hidden HTML on your web page to decide where, in the search returns, your site is listed for the web surfer?  After all, being number 132 in the search engine returns does not offer much of a chance that anyone will visit your site that you do not personally give the web address to.

A Better Concept!
What we propose is that you focus on your business and the impact you want to deliver with your web site. One of the most important jobs you do is communicate YOUR knowledge of YOUR business to us, the webmaster, who in turn transforms it into an interactive extension of your vision via the science and art of - designing good quality web sites. Working together, in less time, at a lower cost you'll have a more professional web site. And of course, with a lot less frustration!

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